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PICKLED DUCK EGGS RECIPE - How To Pickle Duck Eggs Safely

Today I'm making my pickled Duck Eggs recipe. I will show you how to perfectly hard boil duck eggs, easily peel a duck egg and how to make pickled duck eggs safely in a jar, using a vinegar, spices and herbs recipe.

Pickled Duck Eggs Recipe

Sterilized Jar with lid

16 Hard boiled Duck Eggs, cooled & peeled

4 Teaspoons of Pickling Spice

White (or Cider) Vinegar to cover eggs

Assemble and store on shelf for up to a few months (if they last that long)

The eggs will actually last years on the shelf, so long as the eggs remain covered, however they do go more leathery the longer they are in the solution.

They really are a handy snack to have on the shelf, to eat whole, for a quick egg sandwich or to add to a salad.

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

400g Moccona Coffee Jar (Jars I use for my Pickled Eggs after I drink the coffee)

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