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Elissa Jayne

Homesteader, Vlogger, Photographer

Hi guys, Elissa Jayne at Moat Cottage Homesteading,

Welcome to the home of our self sustainable living, small space, homesteading channel.

I Vlog about my Homesteading life, urban farming in a small rural town, Victoria, Australia and show you how we do, what we do.

Things like how to be more self sufficient & homestead in a small space, grow organic food, use and preserve the harvest, raise backyard poultry - both ducks and chickens, make natural remedies, getting prepared for emergencies, money saving ideas, how to get more organised and whatever else we happen to be up to.

I'd love for you to be inspired & feel more confident to try new things and to leave with a more positive outlook, that together we can make a difference with the food we eat and how we live.

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Thanks for reading, Elissa

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