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Brandy Kumquats

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Brandy Kumquats are extremely delicious and a wonderful use of an abundant harvest of Kumquats, from your tree. They make a great gift for those of suitable age, especially when covered in dark chocolate, which I show you in part 2

For part 2 of this video

Brandy Kumquats Recipe

Clean pint jars

Kumquats or Cumquats (depending how you spell it where you live)


1/2 cup cane sugar per pint jar

Add all ingredients into jar,

ensuring kumquats are covered by liquid

Remove air bubbles

And secure lid.

Mix or shake (if your jar doesn’t leak) daily for 2 weeks

I find initially I mix and once the brandy becomes more syrupy I can shake and it doesn’t leak.

Strain liquid and store in dark jars for further 6 months to become a delicious liquor.

Kumquats can be dipped in chocolate and enjoyed - see part 2.

Elissa Jayne

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