Brandy Kumquats

Hi Guys,

For part 2 of this video

December has been a real challenge for me health wise and so instead of preparing wonderful gifts and Christmas treats for you to see, I’ve mostly been out of action in bed.

Thankfully I am well prepared to be out of action for long periods of time, with no notice and so life continues to run smoothly here, even with power outages from storms and no water from a burst water pipe down the road. It was interesting to hear of some people not coping with the inconvenience of no power and I look forward to talking to you about this when I’m able.

I apologise for my delayed responses in the past month and I still have some lovely comments I still need to give attention to, I’m a week behind and I am sorry I’m not up to it just yet but I promise I will catch up as soon as I can.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and friendship, I value and appreciate you all.

Much love


Brandy Kumquats Recipe

Clean pint jars

Kumquats or Cumquats (depending how you spell it where you live)


1/2 cup cane sugar per pint jar

Add all ingredients into jar,

ensuring kumquats are covered by liquid

Remove air bubbles

And secure lid.

Mix or shake (if your jar doesn’t leak) daily for 2 weeks

I find initially I mix and once the brandy becomes more syrupy I can shake and it doesn’t leak.

Strain liquid and store in dark jars for further 6 months to become a delicious liquor.

Kumquats can be dipped in chocolate and enjoyed - this will be a future video.