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CODE RED - EVACUATE Homesteading Life Australia

Updated: May 18, 2022

We interrupt our regular viewing:

Yesterday afternoon, I received a message that said,

Code Red Fire Warning, Evacuate tonight or by tomorrow morning at the latest.

Despite just living through the hottest January on record, this was the first code Red day in 10 years and I can recall that day, like every Victorian, very clearly, I am not prepared! With all the fires in NSW and Queensland, which have burnt over 1% of the Australian bush and that was well over a week ago now and they are still burning.

I have been closely following them, as many Australians are and wonder how we are going to evolve, this is the new norm, droughts - fires - a quick record breaking flood and back to drought.

I don't want to evacuate, but I am not fire prepared.

I live in a small town but I am not complacent, towns burn too. We are staying safe and hope you are too.

A big shout out to all the wonderful CFA, Community and volunteers, who come together to fight the fires, saving lives and homes, as well as all the behind the scenes stuff, that makes Australia a wonderful place to live. Thank you.

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