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Easy Freeze Preserve Tomato recipe & Saving Tomato Seeds

Hey Guys,

How to make Bruschetta toping recipe to freeze for later use, on bruschetta or in soups and casseroles, it is one of the ways I preserve and put away my home grown tomatoes especially at the times when there are only a small amount coming in.

I also show you how to save tomato seeds for sewing out.

Bruschetta Topping ingredients

Diced Tomatoes

Fresh or dehydrated Basil

Crushed Garlic with a dash of good quality olive oil

Freezer Containers

Labels to write what you've made and the date

Tissues to collect seed and dry seeds on, for future sewing to grow your own tomato plants.

Welcome to Moat Cottage.

Here I show you my homesteading life, how to be more self sustainable & homestead in a small space.

You'll see how to grow organic food, use and preserve the harvest, raise backyard poultry, both Muscovy ducks and Chickens.

You will learn how to make natural remedies, get more prepared for emergency situations, how to organise the homestead, money saving ideas and how to live with less waste.

Here at Moat Cottage, we raise and grow and process some of our own free range meat, organic vegetables and fruit.

We grow all of our herbs for both eating and medicinal purposes as well as hunt, fish and forage.

We preserve our produce for the year ahead by canning, dehydrating and freezing and we work on being prepared for emergency situations.

We live using less waste, we recycle and upcycle and love finding what is needed for a project at the scrap yard, op shop or a garage sale, but only buy what is really needed.

We don't like plastic, chemicals and artificial fragrances and are trying to live an older style life balanced with this modern world lifestyle.

Good health and natural living has always been a high priority for our family and despite this two family members are living with auto immune diseases, myself included.

We focus on what we can do, when we can do it, stay positive and so I make these videos for you on my best days.

Much Love

Elissa Jayne

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