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Homesteading in Australia at Moat Cottage

Moat Cottage is a private residence and homestead, on about 1/6th of an acre, in a small rural town, in country Victoria, Australia.

I was formerly homesteading on 1000 acres and when life sent me to Moat Cottage.

Here I continued the homesteading lifestyle, as "you do what you can, where you are!"

Luckily we are surrounded by plenty of land, that I gratefully has access to, both crown bushland and private land.

This is a slideshow of Moat Cottage life from raising happy, free range Poultry to growing organic vegetables to using the produce in the kitchen, with awesome health the goal, money saving tips and DIY projects.

I have a Trade background and believes that skills are more important than stuff and I want to make the world a better place by looking after the planet with as little chemicals as possible and hopes that more people will stand up for clean, real food.

Welcome to the Moat Cottage Community and I look forward to our interactions.



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