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HOW TO DEHYDRATE KIWI FRUIT - How To Preserve Kiwi Fruit

Hi Guys, dehydrated Kiwi Fruit is one of the most delicious dried fruits, so in this video I show you how to dehydrate Kiwi Fruit.

It is better than fresh kiwi and perfect for those big crops, when the season is good.

For some reason in my home, freshly picked Kiwi Fruit can sit in the kitchen for weeks and no one can be bothered to cut, peel and eat it. But when It is dehydrated, I am kept busy keeping it on the shelf, which means no wasted fruit.

It's a great travel snack, especially for my Son, who is a Type 1 Diabetic and needs to carry snacks with him on his bush hikes and bike rides in the Ranges.

If you have never tried dried Kiwi Fruit then I highly recommend it, it would have to be my favourite of all the dehydrated fruits.

Happy dehydrating


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