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How to Dehydrate Orange Peel

Hi Guys,

Elissa at Moat Cottage here and in this episode I’m showing you how I dehydrate Orange Peel from our home grown oranges.

How to dehydrate Citrus Peel

1. Wash and dry the fruit

2. Peel skin off, leaving pith on

3. Break up to fairly even sizes

4. Place on dehydrator with room for even air circulation

5. Dehydrate at 58C or 136F for 2 hour or longer if required.

Times may vary for varieties of citrus, my oranges take 2 hours and my Lemons take 4 hours for the same size pieces.

Ensure your citrus is dry and can be snapped easily.

I use my dehydrated citrus for cooking and in craft projects for gifts, like soaps.

I still use my oranges after I’ve peeled them but I make sure I consume them within 24 hours.

Much Love



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