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How To DEHYDRATE WATERMELON / Dehydrated Melon / Using A Dehydrator

How to dehydrate Watermelon using a dehydrator.

Dehydrated Watermelon is a lovely way to preserve the extra fruit when you have excess watermelon, a good harvest or are lucky enough to be gifted a whole melon.

Cut the pink of the watermelon 1/2 x 1/2 x 2 1/2 to 3 inches, uniform pieces

Remove all black seeds and as many white seeds as you can

Place pieces of fruit on the trays leaving space between the slices for good air circulation in the dehydrator

Dehydrate at 52C 135F for 10 to 15 hours LONGER IF NOT READY

*With my dehydrator I dehydrate at 70C for first 6 hours, then turn it down to 55C (the closest temperature to 52C on that machine) and it takes closer to 24 hours and that is my better machine at time of filming.

Rearrange trays every 5 to 6 hours for even drying

Cool fruit when can feel no moisture but fruit is flexible,

do a final test and store in air tight container when ready.

You can dehydrate watermelon to be more crunchy and this is delicious too.

The variables that affect dehydration time in dehydrating are:

- All machines are different

- The size and juiciness of what you are dehydrating

= The Temperature and Humidity of the room you are dehydrating in

So times are going to be different for you and you just have to be sure there is no moisture in your fruit before you store it in the air proof container.

Happy Homesteading Friends

Elissa Jayne

Moat Cottage Homesteading

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