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Moat Cottage Homesteading Video Updates

Hey Guys, Elissa at Moat Cottage and in this episode we are checking in on what is happening in the yard.

We look at the current status of past outdoors videos and that includes

- Our Australorp hen that was sitting on 12 fertile eggs

- Lavender, Rosemary and Curry Plant Cuttings

- Lamington the broody duck I took off the nest and she may not need her wing trimmed again

- Garlic that we planted from bulbs are now in flower

- The tomato plants are growing well and are due for some pruning and training

- See what became of the make shift straw bale cloche and look what I scored for free for next years seedlings

- See how we are managing with no grass for the ducks to eat, sometimes it is worth being brave and just asking for what you want.

- Growing Aloe Vera in pots from pups

- Compost bins have been moved

- Look at the pumpkin seeds now

- Quiet Muscovy Ducks in the daytime

Much Love


Welcome to Moat Cottage.

Here I show you my homesteading life, how to be more self sustainable & homestead in a small space.

You'll see how to grow organic food, use and preserve the harvest, raise backyard poultry, both Muscovy ducks and Chickens.

You will learn how to make natural remedies, get more prepared for emergency situations, how to organise the homestead, money saving ideas and how to live with less waste.

Here at Moat Cottage, we raise and grow and process some of our own free range meat, organic vegetables and fruit.

We grow all of our herbs for both eating and medicinal purposes as well as hunt, fish and forage.


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