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Mould growing on outside of sealed canning jar - Now what?

What to do when you find mould on the outside of a canning jar.

Finding mold or mould on the outside of a sealed canned jar of food can be a real shock.

If the jar is still sealed and the food looks good, it should be safe to consume, but first you need to wash the mould off the jar, in warm, soapy water, not hot water because that can break the seal.

Be sure to remove the mold and food residue properly so the jar will stay clean.

Reasons a canned jar can grow mould on the outside.

Why does my canned jar have mould on the outside.

What to do when you find mould growing on a sealed ball mason jar.

Special thanks to Melanie at Road to the Farm, who shares her knowledge and homesteading experiences in such a kind and generous way, I really appreciate all that you do.


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