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No More Mud! - I AM SO READY FOR SPRING / Homesteading Seasons Vlog Late Winter

No More Mud! - I AM SO READY FOR SPRING / Homesteading Seasons Vlog Late Winter / Homesteaders Blog

It has been the wettest Winter here that I can remember and I still can't get straw for the deep litter poultry system, which means we are up to our ankles in mud or maybe it’s actually poop....

Thankfully one half of the garden is not so bad, which is good for the ducks and chickens to spend their days and I have expensive Lucerne for their bedding and nesting area, so they are nice and dry and warm at night.

I am also grateful for my gumboots, although I have discovered that two of my three pairs have cracks in them and then one boot got suctioned into the deep mud, last night, while putting the Birds to bed. I continued moving as my foot suctioned into the deep, gooey black muck, so I fell, twisting, hitting the fence, then fell into the coop door as gravity was doing its thing. I had plenty of time to contemplate how muddy, wet and cold I would be on landing, as I was freefalling to earth.....

It only makes sense that my washing machine had died a few weeks earlier and the new one was still in transit. Unfortunately or fortunately? This footage didn't make the video, as my phone was actually in my back pocket. So that's what I landed on.

It was the most ridiculous situation, sitting there in the dark, in cold, wet mud, who am I kidding? We all know it was poo!

I was not injured and more importantly the phone is fine, so I can still make you videos, but I am so ready for Spring or at least a break from the rain and 30 bales of straw.

In this video you can see what else I got up to this late Winter on the homestead. I hope it is more civilized where you are,

Happy Homesteading Friends

Elissa Jayne

Moat Cottage Homesteading

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