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Organised Fridge Tour

Organising and cleaning the fridge can be a big job, especially when you are busy and/or have health challenges but if you do a little bit each day then it is amazing what can be achieved.

If you saw the Organise the Freezer video, you would have seen when we got to the Fridge Freezer, I got an idea and so didn't fully empty and organise it.

It was a mess and needed a real solution, so I did my homework,

I worked out what I wanted in the freezer,

the size of containers for each item and that would fit in the space, I found suitable freezer safe containers that I already had

and then I researched specials for the containers I still needed to buy.

Enjoy the fridge tour and hopefully if you need to organise your fridge, you will be inspired to start.

It is easier to live a deliciously, healthy lifestyle and make good choices when you are organised.


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