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Preserve Lemons

Preserving Lemons with sea salt is one way to use your lemons when the tree is full,

All you need is

Lemons, cut ends off and quarter

Fine Sea Salt - I use Pink Himalayan with no added nasties

Bay Leaves

extra Lemon juice

Sterilised Jar/s


Cover each 1/4 of lemon with salt

put in jar, pulp side up, pushing down each layer of lemon to compress until jar is almost full.

Add 2 extra table spoons of salt per pint jar

fill lemon juice to top of jar, remove air bubbles with a knife

wipe jar seal and thread clean, put lid on

wash jar with water to remove any food

Store in cool dark place for 2 months before using

To use your preserved lemons

Remove lemon from jar, rinse salt off, remove pulp and discard

Slice skins to size required for use.


Under skin of roast chicken for a delicious Lemon Chicken

Sliced finely for salads or rice dishes

and In slow cooked dishes

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