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PRESSURE CAN PUMPKIN - Preserving Pumpkin / Winter Squash

PRESSURE CAN PUMPKIN - Preserving Pumpkin / Winter Squash

How to Pressure can Pumpkin safely for beginners

When you grow your own Pumpkin and store them in the Autumn and through the Winter, by mid Spring, you may want to start thinking about pressure canning the pumpkins you have left, before they go rotten. #PRESSURECANNING#MoatCottageHomesteading#PressureCanPumpkin

MY CANNING PLAYLIST Intro 0:10 Growing Pumpkins

0:39 Harvesting Pumpkin

0:48 Storing Pumpkin

1:30 Setting Up for Pressure Canning

1:52 Pressure Canning Pumpkin Info

2:12 Cutting Pumpkin

2:42 Preparing Pumpkin for Canning

3:50 Check Ball Mason Jars

4:27 Filling Jars with Pumpkin

5:31 Removing Air Bubbles

6:34 How to put Lids and Rings on when Canning

8:07 Stacking the Presto Pressure Canner

8:24 Pressure Can Pumpkin

10:05 Depressurize the Canner

10:32 Remove the Jars

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