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A couple of months ago, I cut my little finger quite badly with the antique garden sheers I love to use. You know the type, old, almost rusty and very sharp.

They were covered in sap from the passionfruit vine I had been pruning.

I was returning to the passionfruit vine, sheers in hand, closed of course and somehow, I can’t work out how, my finger got cut from the tip all the way down, beside the nail.

I really have no idea what exactly happened for the sheer to open and close on my finger and I will spare you the gory details, but I made it inside, rinsed it with water and dipped it in a small jar of St John’s Wort Tincture for a minute before wrapping it up.

It was a Sunday and I didn’t want to drive 100km round trip to the hospital. I was confident it would be fine, besides I still hadn’t finished pruning the passionfruit vine.

24 hours later, I dipped my finger in the tincture again, it had finally stopped bleeding.

I should have used Yarrow to stop the bleeding first, before the St John’s Wort, however when you are the patient, you don’t always think clearly and I just wanted it to be healed up and that’s what I worked on.

On the Tuesday, I remembered my last Tetanus shot had been when my Children were small, so I finally went to the nearby Drs, now that they were open.

Both the Dr and the Nurse said it should have had a few stitches in it, but it was too late now. I was secretly pleased, that the only needle I would be getting would be the tetanus shot. The nurse also remarked on how clean it looked.

I got my shot, a new dressing and continued with the St John’s Wort dip, every second day, when I redressed the wound.

My finger is perfectly healed now, with no nerve damage and only the slightest scar, which give it more time and I am sure it will completely disappear.

I didn’t include photos or this story in my video because it made the people I showed the photos to sick and I didn’t want to upset anyone else.

When my Chicken, Storm got her wound, I thought most people would be able to handle seeing how the St John’s Wort tincture would heal her up. It certainly didn’t look as awful as my finger, although Storm and my Chicken audience may not agree.

Anyway the point of this video is to show you how making a simple Tincture, using St John Wort flowers and vodka, that will happily sit on the shelf for 20 years, is worthwhile and will probably end up saving you way more money than you would spend on making it, let alone the wonderful healing it could do for your whole family, on the homestead.

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St Johns Wort Tincture

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Elissa Jayne

Moat Cottage Homesteading

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