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WHEN CAN CHICKS GO INTO THE COOP - Introducing Chicks into the flock safely

Updated: May 16, 2022

When Can Chicks Go Into The Coop With Other Hens Safely, With a Mother Hen and Without

If you have a broody hen in your flock, it may be possible to let her hatch out her chicks in the coop area, but there are considerations to take in to account.

In this video, I discuss the scenarios of when this is possible, when to introduce chicks into the coop with the rest of the chickens and ducks and the safety issues you need to look out for when they are not born in the coop, including:

When to introduce a Mother hen with her Chicks to the rest of the flock.

When to introduce Chicks without a Mum to the flock.

We all want happy, healthy and friendly Chickens so spending time with your Poultry and enjoying their company is the best way to know your flock and their needs.

Happy homesteading

Elissa Jayne

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