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Backyard Muscovy Ducks in Molting Season / Duck Losing And Growing New Feathers

My backyard Muscovy Ducks are molting, they always molt in the Autumn season here so they have a beautiful new, warm and fully waterproof set of feathers for the Winter. When ducks are molting, they start losing their feathers and have some bare patches, you can see the new feathers growing through.

The growing feathers are called blood feathers because they are full of blood.

The new birds born in the last couple of seasons, won't molt until next Autumn as they already have new feathers.

Feeding your Muscovy duck extra protein when they are molting helps them to develop healthy new feathers.

Some sources of protein are

-Boiled eggs in their shells, blended up so they don't look like eggs (You don't want to teach the birds to eat eggs)

-Fish meal



-Sunflower seeds

-Pumpkin seeds

-Chopped Parsley

I also feed my ducklings and molting birds Brewers Yeast for extra Niacin, that's B3.

I mix it in with their feed. It is especially important for bone growth in ducklings for strong legs.

Happy homesteading

Elissa Jayne

Moat Cottage Homesteading

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