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WHAT TO FEED MUSCOVY DUCK - What My Back Yard Muscovy Ducks Eat

What to feed a Muscovy duck? My back yard Muscovies are free range, so they are free to roam from the Poultry coop through to the garden. This means they can eat grass, leave and some plants; they forage for worms, bugs, flies, snails, slugs, spiders and the occasional frog. Small Lizards, Snakes and Mice would also be fair game.

Greens are a huge part of the Muscovy duck diet. Over the years of having free range ducks, my supply of grass has diminished considerably, so I grow greens in the vegetable garden for both my family and our birds. I put the greens in a pool of water to keep them fresh and clean while they are being eaten. This is especially important in the super hot weather; fresh crunchy leaves are way more popular than wilted leaves.


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