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Backyard Muscovy Ducks Q and A / Cleaning Out The Duck Coop and A Day In Pet Muscovies Life

Backyard Muscovy Ducks Q and A while Cleaning Out The Duck Coop and see A Day In the life of Pet Muscovies.

I am cleaning out the main Muscovy duck and Chicken Coop sleep area and am answering some of your frequently asked questions about Backyard Muscovy ducks at the same time. You will also see a late Autumn day in the life of my Backyard Muscovy Ducks.

00:00 Intro

00:42 Why choose Muscovy ducks over other breeds

01:35 Do you have to trim a duck wing

03:09 What is the best age to process a Muscovy Duck for food

03:16 Can Muscovy ducks fly when wing feathers are growing out

04:12 What Food to feed Muscovies - Link

04:23 Pool sizes for Muscovy ducks

05:02 How to make Muscovy ducks tamer

06:11 Cross breeding Muscovy ducks with other breeds

07:30 How many ducks should I get

09:37 Why use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in Ducks water

10:39 What to know before giving Apple Cider Vinegar to Ducks

11:19 what is a smeary butt on a duck

12:47 reasons to spend time with Muscovy ducks

13:36 feeding wild Muscovy ducks

13:48 Muscovy ducks going to bed

14:00 Learn about Muscovy ducks - Playlist Link

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Elissa Jayne

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Backyard Muscovy Ducks & Chickens Playlist





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