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How to Take Herb Cuttings to get Free Plants

Making free plants by taking cuttings of Lavender, Rosemary and Curry Plant.

I use homemade compost in my pots, but good quality store bought compost would be ok, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to bought compost.

You will also need water, rooting hormone powder, scissors or garden secateurs.

Taking soft wood cuttings of Lavender Rosemary and Curry Plant is an easy way to create free plants.

How to take the cuttings

Find straight pieces of the plants and cut 6 - 8 inches long

How to pot up cuttings

Remove bottom 1/3 of leaves

Cut bottom of cutting at 45 degree angle

dip in water

and then root powder to cover bottom 1/3

put cutting into soil

Roots will grow from bottom cut as well as where leaves were removed.

Depending on the shape of the plants you want, cut the top off the cutting so it can bush up.

Water your cuttings and keep them moist.

It is best to take cuttings in late Spring to early Summer, however I find early Spring, where I live, works well with a greenhouse for the cold nights.


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