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It's Time to Plant the Tomatoes

It’s finally time to plant out the Tomato plants and we have a peek at what’s left of the Winter vegetable garden.

It is mid Spring and I think it is the last of the frosts, if not I will have to cover my Summer seedlings.

I water my tomato plants before I transplant them and then cut off the bottom few rows of leaves, as I plant them in quite deep covering where these leaves were.

This means roots will grow from these sites as well as having roots on the bottom and the plants will be secure in the ground as well as have more roots for getting water and nutrients.

I have planted four varieties


Cherry Roma

Sweet Bite

Tommy Toe

They are all small tomatoes, apart from the Roma and that is a medium size tomato.

I have more success with the smaller variety tomatoes because the Queensland fruitfly, a pest that found its way down south a few years ago, doesn't seem to be as big of a problem with them because they are so fast to grow.

I'll show you

How to plant tomato seedlings

How to plant tomato plants

How to plant tomatoes

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