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Saving Pumpkin Seeds & Make Pumpkin Soup

I'm Saving Pumpkin seeds from my homegrown Pumpkins to sew in the Spring and to hopefully grow wonderful Pumpkins in the next growing season.

I am also Making my recipe of Pumpkin Soup that I like to freeze for an easy lunch or entree.


In Cooking pot add

Chopped & peeled Pumpkin (of choice)

Boiling Water

2 tablespoons of Vegetable Stock Powder

Or use Stock

Cook on stovetop

On Frypan

add a dollop of Butter

5 diced Onions

slowly brown on stovetop

Add Chilly Powder and Curry Powder (Only if you want some spice)

Salt & Pepper mix in.

A can of Coconut Milk

250g Cream cheese

Ground Cinnamon

Mix and simmer

Add the frypan mixture to the Pumpkin and stock when both are cooked.

Turn off the heat and add 3 table spoons Raw Honey

Blend and serve or store


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