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Strawbale Cloche to Protect Seedlings from Frost

It's Spring time here at Moat Cottage and we are still getting below zero temperatures some nights, so it is too early to be planting the Tomato plants into the vegetable garden now.

I potted the Tomato plants, that I purchased at the market, into bigger pots of home made compost and then made a make shift cloche to keep them warm at night and with enough ventilation during the day, so that they won't cook in the sun.

They are also safe from my ducks, who would love to eat them.

How to make a hay bale cloche

8 straw bales

1 window in a frame

2 pieces of mesh for the side ventilation

Set the Cloche up to face North if you live in the Southern hemisphere like me or South if you live in the Northern hemisphere, this way you maximise the amount of sun your plants receive.

Water the plants daily so they don't dry out as it gets quite warm in the cloche during the day and keep an eye on the temperature because you will want to remove the glass on days over 20C / 68F.

I have some wire to protect my seedings from the duck when we get these temperatures, but by then it could be time to plant into the vegetable garden then too.


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