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Broody Hen update & Herbs to Repel Mosquitos in the Coop

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hey Guys,

I have been so eager to update you on the fertile Australorp eggs under my broody hen, unfortunately my health has been very challenging and so I finally struggled to make a video to share the news with you.

Life on the homestead is more than cute babies and delicious home grown goodies.

It is predators, drought or storms and many other weather challenges to name a few but it is an adventure and keeps life interesting, it also keeps you learning, which in my opinion keeps you humble and young.

Although the last batch of eggs was ruined by a Crow breaking into the Chick nursery (We call them Crows in Australia but they are actually a type of Raven)

I am excited to be putting another batch of fertile eggs under one of my Chickens, this time I have 6 Blue Australorp eggs and

6 Black Australorp x Sussex eggs.

I use Rosemary and Lavender to rid the nest of Mosquitos (Mozzies) and it dehydrates in the nest before I put the eggs in and the hen.

For the technical information on putting fertile eggs under a broody hen, watch my video

Thanks for watching



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