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Croissant Custard Pudding - Egg Recipe

What to do with all of your fresh eggs, when the Ladies (Ducks and Chickens) have been busy laying.

In this video I make Croissant Custard Pudding with Chocolate, which is a delicious spin off from Bread and Butter Pudding and should really come with a warning.


Heat oven 180C or 360F

in a greased cake tin or backing dish

add 4 Croissants broken into pieces, to cover bottom of tin/dish

1/4 cup dark Chocolate pieces

In a mixing bowl add

4 egg yolks

4 whole eggs

1/4 cup sugar

600ml cream

1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence

mix with fork

pour over croissants and chocolate

Put in Oven until cooked through,

Usually 30 -45 minutes but as all ovens are different, keep an eye on it.



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