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Feeding Frenzy - How Loud are Muscovy Ducks?

Feeding the Muscovy ducks and Australorp chickens fermented grain in the morning and letting them out to roam the garden at Moat Cottage in Australia.

Are Muscovy ducks loud?

No, not at all, this is as loud as it gets with the Muscovy ducks.

Most of the time they are very quiet and the ladies are even silent egg layers, the challenge is finding all of the eggs as they cover some of them up with their nesting material.

During the day, Muscovy ducks wander around the garden enjoying grass, bugs and other found treats that they come upon.

They sit quietly in the yard, sometimes in the sunshine and sometimes under a nice shady tree and sometimes, until trained, the ducklings sit on the front porch and leave a mess.

Most of the day there is no noise at all from the Muscovies,

Chickens however are another story.


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