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Updated: May 16, 2022

HOW TO SET UP A BACK YARD DUCK COOP for Muscovy Ducks & Chickens

I was finally able to get hold of some straw bales - Woohoo!!!!

I usually buy and use about 100 bales a year, but due to the drought, or the fires or possibly both, or something else? I had only managed to get hold of 5 expensive bales of lucerne hay, in the past 10 months.

Straw is a lot cheaper and is perfect for using in the poultry coupe, to absorb the poop and water. It stops any bad farm smells, reduces flies and makes the ground safe to walk on, because slipping over in a poopy, muddy duck and chicken coupe is going to hurt, make you all dirty and you could even break the eggs you have stashed in your pockets, oh and with plenty of clean straw in your poultry coupe, the eggs will be clean, because the birds feet will be clean and not mucky.

I am really lucky, as over the years I've been able to get good straw bales and only occasionally have they had nasty weeds in them, like the prickly - scotch thistle. So I always check them before putting straw on my garden beds.

Usually I get the odd wheat seed growing in a place the birds haven't been able to get to but that is about it.

My son Damon is moving the bales for me, so a shout out to him for letting me film him doing this. He was not showing off for the camera, he is always like this.

The poopy broken down straw was added directly to a garden bed to make it a raised bed and it will also feed my Citrus trees.

I love a clean coupe and so do the birds.

Have a great week



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