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How to trim a ducks wing & what not to do

We are showing you how to trim a Muscovy ducks flight feathers, on one wing, to stop it from flying over the fence and into danger.

We show you where to cut the feathers, how to hold the duck to trim the wing feathers, how to calm a duck.

We show you how we cut the wing of a duck, when to cut a duck wing, what not to do when trimming a ducks wing.

We discuss blood feathers and that you should not cut them.

What to do if you cut a blood feather?

How to treat a bleeding feather.

How to stop a bleeding feather.

Special thanks to Niki Jayne for always assisting with wing trimming, to keep our ducks from flying over the fence, as well as always assisting on the homestead with all Animal requirements when needed.

You always have a positive, calming energy when working with the ducks and chickens.


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