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Putting Broody Hen on Fertile Eggs

Hi Guys, I have just got back from the Poultry Auction, that comes to my town about 5 times a year.

I love to see all the different breeds of Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Peacocks, Pheasants and even Rabbits, although it is very tempting, I only bid when I have actually planned to purchase.

I purchases fertile, pure breed, Australorp eggs with George Norman blood to put under my broody hen to hatch or I should say, put my broody hen on.

She is on a different nest, with only a plastic egg and it is somewhere the crows will steal the eggs and chicks if I left her there.

So I am setting up the nursery for her. It is separate to the other birds but they can visit her (which they always do, once babies have hatched, as they like to see them as much as we do)

it is covered so no birds of prey can get the eggs and later chicks, there is plenty of straw, cover from rain, wind and hot sun and there is room for a growing family.

Of course there is food and water for Mum at all times and the containers will be safe and suitable for chicks, so no drownings occur.

Let eggs sit for 24 hours, with pointy end down to let them settle.

We want the eggs pointy side downwards while they settle so the yolks inside can stay properly suspended.

Now the eggs are ready to put under a broody hen, or in my case, in a clean nest and then show the chicken the eggs.

Australorps are such good Mums, we will check in with Shadow and the eggs in 3 weeks to see if there are signs of life.


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