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What is the Best Backyard Poultry?

Moat Cottage does Chicken Check-In collab with Brimwood Farm

Moat Cottage from Australia joins in with Brimwood Farm from the UK for the collaboration video,


*Moat Cottage is actually on 1/6th of an acre

Chicken Check-In, is where poultry lovers from around the world, share their favourite 3 chickens or favourite 3 chicken breeds.

Geoff at Brimwood Farm is the brains behind this collaboration and lets be honest, most chickens are pretty awesome, however,

it is certainly very interesting meeting the other poultry lovers, getting a peek into their yards and learning all about and meeting their top 3 Chickens.

So I am super excited to be welcomed so kindly by Geoff even though I currently only have two chickens............

I always say, 'You Do What You Can, Where You Are'

and 'Anything is Possible' so today I prove this and you will have to watch to see how I solve my lack of chickens situation.

Meet Storm and Shadow the Australorp Chickens and our Muscovy Ducks.

It is the middle of Autumn here and we had a hot dry Summer, with little rain so the garden is suffering, especially the grass that the ducks love to eat.

The Poultry are all doing very well though.

Brimwood Farm Link


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